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Branches Central Region

Branches Central Region

Nirvana Memorial Center (Sungai Besi)

Kuala Lumpur’s first one-stop bereavement care centre

While it has since been surpassed by Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur in terms of size and luxury, Nirvana Memorial Center will always remain a first and an achievement milestone for...Nirvana Asia as its first urban memorial centre. Officially opened in September 2004 by then Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy, Nirvana Memorial Center is located at the southern edge of Kuala Lumpur in Sungai Besi. At the time of its opening, it was considered the leading and largest funeral parlour in the country. Today, it still serves as the main headquarters of Nirvana Asia Group and one of the best memorial centres in Malaysia. The establishment of Nirvana Memorial Center was part of founder Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong’s vision to create a one-stop bereavement care centre where funeral rites and ceremonies can be conducted in a special building dedicated for such purposes and a place where bereft families and visitors can mourn departed loved ones in comfort. Aside from funeral parlours, the air-conditioned complex consists of six stories with marble floors, closed-circuit television monitoring systems, 24-hour security system, internet WiFi facilities, advanced embalming facilities, cold room, vegetarian restaurant, florist and corporate offices. Nirvana Memorial Center bears the distinction as the first centre to introduce the iconic all-female White Ladies team, and the Remains Spa Treatment & Cadaveric Restoration service. The RM25 million centre also contains an exhibition hall featuring funeral cultural items, including a reproduction of a Han dynasty gold-threaded jade burial suit, replicas of luxurious caskets used by celebrities, exquisite urns, and longevity costumes. As Nirvana Asia’s main headquarters, it also serves as a training centre for staff and agents.

Nirvana Memorial Garden (Semenyih)

A serene and peaceful paradise

The first private memorial park in Malaysia and one of the largest in Asia, Nirvana Memorial Park (Semenyih) is the pinnacle of Nirvana Asia Group’s achievements. It is located in the Hulu Langat District of the state of Selangor about 40km southeast of the federal capital of Kuala Lumpur. Aside from its award-winning landscaping and gardens, breath-taking views, stunning architecture and excellent Feng Shui, it is also famed for its landmark attractions such as the record-breaking 1000 feet long Golden Dragon Columbarium, the most expansive Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery in Southeast Asia, and the spectacular Multi-purpose Complex that houses the Temple of the Three Saints – the site of the largest annual Enlightenment Ceremony in Malaysia. ...The 642 acre Nirvana Memorial Park (Semenyih) has various thematic burial plots and columbaria that cater to multiple denominations that include the Royal Family Burial Plots, Family Burial Plots, Oriental Villa, Christian Memorial Garden and more. There is even the first ever Pet Memorial Garden in Malaysia – a resting place specially dedicated to celebrating the unique loving bond between people and their animal companions. Its natural scenic landscape has received wide acclaim and endorsements from renowned Feng Shui masters and practitioners for its superior landform features. The “Raising Dragon to the Sky” landform found at the Nirvana Memorial Garden section of the park is noted for its ability to bring blessings of abundance, great fortune and prosperity, as well as status and longevity for descendants of those who find eternal rest here. Breaking from conventional cemeteries, the memorial park contains scenic gardens featuring artificial lakes and rivers, lush greeneries, traditional and contemporary architectural element as well as religious sculptures and iconographies from Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity. Nirvana Memorial Park (Semenyih) is noted for being the final resting place of multiple distinguished local and international personalities such as veteran actress Datuk Lai Meng, entertainer Cheng Kam Cheong, legendary Shanghai actress and singer Bai Guang, local Chinese educationist Dato’ Sim Mow Yu and Malaysian politician Tan Sri Lee Siow Yew just to name a few.

Nirvana Memorial Park
(Shah Alam)

A homage to culture and heritage

Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam) is the second of Nirvana Asia Group’s memorial parks to be located in the state of Selangor.... Situated in the state capital of Shah Alam and less than 30km from Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, the memorial park is a collaborative effort between Nirvana Asia and the state government to develop a final resting place to serve the burgeoning city’s population and is equipped with modern crematoria facilities. The memorial park is particularly unique for its thematic focus on celebrating Chinese culture. From this idea arose beautifully landscaped gardens that complement the perfectly manicured and organised thematic burial sites synonymous with Nirvana Asia. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspects of Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam) are its magnificent columbaria, namely the Heritage Courts, Tang Villas and Ming Palaces which feature multiple traditional Chinese architectural styles. The Tang Villas for instance are designed based on the traditional Chinese “siheyuan” or courtyard houses found in Beijing and rural Shanxi. Signifying family unity, wealth and prosperity, Nirvana recreates the style not only to promote the same values for a new generation but to also encourage appreciation of cultural heritage. The crowning jewel of Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam) is the Ming Palace III, the largest and most spectacular of the three Ming Palace columbaria complexes. Its wondrous and opulent interior design echoes the magnificent Lingshan Brahma Palace from which it draws inspiration. The spectacular buildings create an amazing backdrop for various Chinese festivals celebrated annually at the memorial park. It is part of Nirvana Asia’s drive to transform public perception of cemeteries as sombre places and to reintroduce the value of filial piety through reverence for ancestors as part of traditional celebrations such as the Chinese New Year and Mid-autumn Festival.

Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur
(Nirvana 2)

A tribute to complete and everlasting love

Located in the urban bustle of Malaysia’s financial capital of Kuala Lumpur, Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur (Nirvana 2) chalks another milestone for Nirvana as Asia’s first integrated memorial centre. Established with the cooperation of the Selangor ...KL Guangxi Association, the five-star multi-functional memorial complex officially opened its doors in 2018 as part of Nirvana Asia Group’s effort to expand bereavement care and columbaria interment services, as well as providing a hub for promoting life education and reinvigorating culture and spirituality to the city’s urban population. Nirvana 2 was designed as a simple yet modern complex that belies its rich interior that houses a fully air-conditioned bereavement care centre, funeral parlours, multi-denominational columbarium, rooftop garden, an event auditorium that doubles as an exhibition space, and also a Buddhist spiritual sanctuary. The reception lobby resembles that of a luxurious hotel, complete with a waiting lounge with comfortable chaise longue sofas and armchairs. There is even a stylish café for visitors to have a drink and grab a bite. Nirvana 2’s upper floors houses luxurious and spacious funeral parlours that integrates 3D projection mapping technology for truly memorable presentations to memorialise the departed. Located on floors higher up are its visually stunning columbarium halls. Entirely air-conditioned, multi-denominational and smoke-free, each hall is designed as a place of eternal rest with its own divine theme that not brings peace to the departed but instils calm and comfort for visitors. The grandest feature of Nirvana 2 is perhaps its Temple of the Three Saints, a solemn and beautiful ivory-white sanctuary where spiritual talks and ceremonies can be held, such as the breathless “Ascension Ceremony”, a visual spectacle that is a hallmark of Nirvana’s readiness to embrace latest innovations to preserve and present funeral culture and tradition to a new generation as a tribute to complete and everlasting love.

Nirvana Memorial Park

An eternal home beyond comparison

Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) is developed around the central theme of “coming home” by creating a place of peace and warmth where one may return to be reunited with loved ones at the end of the allegorical journey that is life....The third to be established in Malaysia’s most prosperous and populated state of Selangor, the memorial park is found near the royal town of Klang, less than 45km northwest from the federal capital of Kuala Lumpur.Amidst superb landforms and graceful natural surroundings that bring assurance of excellent Feng Shui, Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) brings together a harmonious fusion of modern and traditional that is reflected in the landscape and architectural elements. The main complexes housing the Temple of the Three Saints, multi-purpose hall, visitor centre and columbaria dominate the memorial park’s landscape in traditional Chinese style. The interiors however, channel contemporary sensibilities without compromising on luxury and elegance that immediately create a warm and welcoming environment. In maintaining the concept of “coming home”, other structures take a more daring modern approach through use of steel and glass for naturally lit interiors to create a calming Zen atmosphere. As with all of Nirvana’s memorial parks, Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) has a wide array of choices in terms of burial plots and columbaria that cater for multiple denominations. Regardless of spiritual beliefs, filial piety forms the core tenet of Asian society and it is this key value that Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) looks to in creating a place where everyone can come home to rest and be at peace with loved ones. Like falling leaves returning to the roots, those gone before become the foundation that strengthens the tree in an endless cycle of growth and renewal.

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