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Life is like a meandering river. The end of life is like a fallen leaf floating upon it. It moves with the flowing waters. Each time it meets a boulder or pebble, thoughts of longing and memories return once more.

The sound of gurgling water reverberates in the air, and time weaves thoughts and memories into a long, meandering river that flows through our life. Life is inseparable from the joys and sorrows. Even when loved ones pass on, The Garden creates a door for you to be reunited so that memories can be passed on…

The Garden represents family harmony, togetherness and reunion.

Burial Plot


Burial Plot The Garden


The confluence that marks a lifetime’s memories

With harmony as the purpose and the flow of the river as its will, this is the convergence point of treasured memories that we share with our ancestors. The white stone wall at the entrance – combined with the surrounding green forest design – form a natural and tranquil landscape.

Burial Plot The Garden

As you approach, the lush foliage and trees with impressive stone lions guarding the gates and graceful verdant terraces surrounding the park in waves of emerald green, creating an endless peaceful ambiance at The Garden.

The water is like a mirror that reflects the world, and the mirror is like a canvas that conveys the emotions in our hearts. A stroll in The Garden is like a journey down a meandering river that is the river of life that flows gently through time and space. The sound of gurgling water evokes the memories of our loved ones; passed from one generation to the next.

Burial Plot The Garden

Burial Plot The Garden


A continuity of tenderness from one generation to
the next

Memories are precious. In this place, the distance that separates us is no longer far; we are forever connected by our emotions and we remember the most beautiful nostalgia. Here, the verdant scenery becomes a special place of remembrance where we can convey our love to the beautiful landscape together – where every moment is a longing and every little gathering is a reunion.


Bearing longevity, wealth and peace

The Garden is located in the beautiful paradise that is Nirvana Memorial Park (Semenyih). The colours of life is interwoven with the artistic landscape and rippling azure waters that create a verdant destination worth every visit. On the banks of the river are neo-Oriental styled pavilions that are close to nature and relaxing in its minimalist design, providing a feeling of tranquility and peace of mind.

Burial Plot The garden

Another feature of The Garden is that the burial plots are neatly juxtaposed in the midst of nature – with excellent Feng Shui and wide panoramic view – making it the perfect resting place to bless future generations. The back wall of the monuments is designed with simplicity and elegance – with a circular pattern carved in the middle – implying longevity and prosperity; and a ruyi knot on each side symbolizing good luck, fortune and peace due to its infinite shape. In addition, The Garden also has spacious paved parking lots for visitors who come to pay homage to their loved ones.

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