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NIRVANA Ming Palace
Nirvana Funeral Service - Columbarium

Si He Courtyard 四合院

Tang Villa Si He Yuan resembles the “Si He Courtyard” building architecture of ancient Beijing. This traditional house connotes the Chinese culture and reflects eternal peaceful environment. With more than 3,000 years, Tang Villa Si He Yuan is a traditional Chinese architecture in China, unique and special.

Tang Villa II

San He Yuan 三合院

Tang Villa Phase II, San He Yuan is inspired by the concept of Si He Yuan. The courtyard contains 3 individual houses fashioned after ancient architecture. It consists of 2 single stories and 1 double storey surrounding a lush garden in the center. It also features the 10-ft tall Goddess of Mercy Goddess at the lotus pool guarding over the tranquil settings.

Nirvana Memorial Park,Shah Alam

Ming Palace 明宮

The concept of Ming Palace originates from the architectural structure and style of the Ming Dynasty. It occupies an area of 30,000 feet and is highly integrated with the Ming Dynasty’s brilliance, and the precision in its layouts. With luxurious interior facilities, the entire development excludes an aura of Ming culture unique only to itself. The ancient Ming Palace is richly decorated, emphasizing on the orientation and symmetry to reflect the eternal peaceful environment.

Ancient Chinese Architecture

Ancient Chinese Architecture

This typical form of ancient Chinese architecture, which consists of four rooms built around a central yard, is today a cultural heritage that the people of Beijing truly take pride in. The decoration, art and crafts in the Si He Yuan reflect the outstanding Chinese tradition; it also expresses the people’s pursuance of happiness, fineness, prosperity and auspiciousness.

Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden 紫竹林

Bamboo lends an exotic oriental atmosphere to the landscape. It symbolizes strength, flexibility, tenacity, endurance and compromise. As a result, Tang Villa 2 exudes an atmosphere filled with compassion, comfort and peace. Bamboo also represents a time-honored tradition, bringing generations together to foster a bond to meet forward in life. With the compassionate and merciful Goddess of Mercy guarding over the courtyard, one feels the love that enlightens and bond family together.

Heritage Court

Heritage Court 百孝林

Heritage Court, as the name implies, aims at reminding us to exemplify the act of piety in our daily life, and also to pass on the virtue from generations to generations. Spreading across the prime land area in the central of Shah Alam and with 6 majestic blocks of columbarium, Heritage Court is renowned for its scenic landscape tapestry that pays tribute to the beauty of mother nature. While one spends time immersing his/her soul within the beauty surrounding Heritage Court, it lush walkway, greenery and posh landscaping would leave one gasping in awe.

Christian Columbarium-Shah Alam

Perpetual Garden 富贵山庄永恆生命館

Life is like a blooming flower. Full of beauty and vigour. Through warmth and cold, its freshness prevails. But its life is short-lived. It will soon begin to wither and die. So does our lives.Life and death is a certainty, it should not be seen as a phobia. Life after death could be enlightened again in full brightness, enshrined within the Perpetual Garden Urn Columbarium. Five petal-like shape forms the core of this Columbarium, surrounding an ever-flowing fountain.
當生命回歸自然,化作護花的春泥,使百花得以重展艷姿,萬物更見欣榮時,死亡,將不再可怕,因為生命的花朵,已經在“永恆生命館”裡再次綻放。 “永恆生命館”,透過美麗花瓣狀的兩層式現代骨灰殿設計,舒適沙發,淙淙流水,及綠蔭環抱的高雅情調,都得以如秋葉般安祥寧靜地回歸美麗的大自然。

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