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elegance of the
Song dynasty

Columbarium Song Villa

elegance of the
Song dynasty

Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam)’s first Song-style columbarium is designed with “sophisticated” ingenuity and harmonious “glory” – lightly playing off the ambiance and strength – and then creating the beauty of “artistry” unique to Song Villa

White crane symbolizing auspicious longevity


The white crane has been a symbol of good fortune since ancient times.

With its beautiful image and dynamic posture, the crane signifies luck, longevity and ascension to immortality and is favoured by royalty as well as common folk.

The moon gate;
the gate of joyful

Moon gates are found throughout Song Villa. The main doorway itself is a moon gate that serves as both an entrance and an exit with its own view – through which you can enjoy the scenery on both sides – forming a continuous relationship.

Columbarium Song Villa

Zen-style courtyard:
the beauty of a
garden within a

The two vertical moon gates at the main entrance is cleverly combined with the moon gate reflected on the arched bridge. It creates the image of three copper coins connected in a single line which is in line with the circle of heaven, bearing the significance of family wealth and symbolizing the ancestors blessing descendants with a prosperous and carefree life.

Jin Yue Villa

An interpretation
of luxury and finery

Bronze tones channel a feeling of luxury and finery into the Jing Yue Villa. Compared with the richness of gold, bronze creates a more calming and warm effect that makes the Jing Yue Villa look elegant and beautiful while conveying prosperity, sophistication and modernity.

Columbarium Song Villa

elegance of the
Song dynasty

Jing Yue Villa is the first columbarium in all of Malaysia with a 6-foot all-white, suspended statue of a Water-Moon Avalokitesvara. It is the most tranquil part of Song Villa.

Columbarium Song Villa

Niche Door Design

Diamonds for eternal memory

Designed with a round centre, the upper layer can be customized with a message of longing for a loved one, while the side is set with a sparkling diamond; creating an eternal memory despite the passing of life. This niche panel is also the first and only meticulously crafted diamond niche panel in all of Malaysia.

The perfect and peaceful lily

This niche panel reflects the Chinese heritage of attaching the utmost importance to emotional perfection, and the lily with the golden background is extremely soft and bears the meaning of smooth sailing in all matters.

Convenient facilities,
impeccable care

Song Villa incorporates many thoughtful features into its architectural layout to satisfy every customer’s needs. Wheelchair ramps are specially set up centrally on both sides of the columbarium for the needs of the elderly with mobility issues, allowing them to access the structure easily to pay respects. There is an elevator located at the rear for the convenience of the elderly and reduce the burden of climbing stairs.

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