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Crematorium Shah Alam

It is the most advanced cremation chamber in Malaysia. Using state-of-the-art technology imported from abroad, it is odorless, efficient and fast. A clean and hygienic environment also provides a comfortable and peaceful environment for our grieving customers. The chamber creates an environment most suited for a dignified farewell to your loved ones…
The Cremation Chamber at Nirvana Memorial Park, Shah Alam provides professional service and efficient operation- a great source of care and comfort of families in their time of sorrow.

The Advantages of Cremation

1. Hassle-free and easier to handle
2. Process takes shorter time and convenient for the grieving family and friends.
3. Lower costs making it less burdening for family members.
4. A modern choice that helps conserve resource.

Why Choose Nirvana Crematorium, Shah Alam

1. Shorter waiting time.
2. A clean and comfortable waiting area for the grieving family and friends.
3. State-of-the-art technology ensures an efficient job is carried out.
4. Better for the environment as it is smokeless and odourless.
5. Our team is professionally trained to provide you international standard of services.




1. 簡便流程,讓家屬無後顧之憂。
2. 過程快捷方便,縮短家屬等候的時間。
3. 費用較低,減輕家屬的金錢負擔。
4. 為現代化環保意識,是許多人的選擇。


1. 節省時間,家屬不必花長時間等候。
2. 場面寧靜舒適,可讓家屬歇息等候。
3. 無煙無味的環保高科技,保護環境衛生整潔。
4. 專業的服務團隊,為家屬提供國際水準的周全服務。

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Sales & Service Team

Kelvin Yim
Life Managing Director
012-328 6755
[email protected]


Level 3, Wisma Nirvana
No 1, Jalan 1/116A,
Off Jalan Sungai Besi,
57100 Kuala Lumpur,

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