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富贵 Nirvana
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Our Culture Our Future

[Nirvana]  A culture that has stood the test of time for over a thousand years is like the flow of water – little by little, it eventually forms a rich history. Established in 1990, Nirvana Asia Group understands this sentiment deeply by embracing our tradition and culture with pride by offering a comprehensive suite of bereavement care services to honour and uplift life. [Nirvana]
Nirvana embrace life with a positive perspective. Life deserves care, understanding and spiritual nourishment, and that is why we listen from the heart. We are an organisation that prides ourselves in paying tribute to life as well as caring for it. After all, life is measured by the value that we add to it, not by the time in which we are given.
Nirvana Asia Group sincerely champions the preservation of our cultural heritage by revolutionizing it for contemporary times with redefined meaning and added value. As we continuously progress by raising our standards of service through creativity and innovation, we shall pride ourselves in persistently safeguarding cultural heritage. We pay homage and respect to your departed loved ones regardless of status and faith. In other words, we nurture respect and love in recognition of the preciousness of life – past, present and future.

富贵集团 [“富贵”] 为亚洲最大的综合殡葬服务供应商,位于富貴山莊 (士毛月)| 世外桃源 (士毛月)富貴山莊 (莎亞南) |富贵山庄(巴生) 富贵生命馆 , 也是东南亚首家获颁此证书的私营化风景墓园。
联系我们,您将可享有最佳现金回扣和长达 60 个月*的 0% 利息分期付款计划、免费咨询和访问。

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Nirvana Memorial Park

富貴山莊 – 士毛月

Nirvana Memorial Garden

世外桃源 – 士毛月


富貴山莊 – 莎亞南


富贵生命馆 – 吉隆玻

Nirvana Funeral Package

Best Care & Service Packages To Help You Through This Difficult Time

Funeral Service Package

Nirvana Life Planning (NLP) Funeral Services, Special Prices and promotions with planning ahead. For more information and enquiries, you may contact us through WhatsApp or drop us a message in the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Funeral Service

Nirvana Asia Products

Burial Plot – Columbarium – Ancestral Tablet – Pet Memorial Garden
風水福地 – 骨灰殿 – 神主牌位- 風水墓碑 – 寵物墓園

Nirvana Asia [“Nirvana”] is the largest bereavement care company in Asia and the developer of Nirvana Memorial Park-Semenyih | Nirvana memorial Garden-Semenyih | Nirvana Memorial Park- Shah Alam | Nirvana Memorial Park-Klang & Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur  which is the world’s largest privatized memorial park.
We provide Immediate and Pre-planning Bereavement Malaysia Services such as Burial Plot ,Columbarium & tomb design with construction services , both on an As-need and Planning Ahead.
We are providing the best service with personalized care.

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