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The Temple of the Three Saints 

A Magnificent &
Solemn Realm of

The main sanctuary of the Temple of the Three Saints consists of two floors; the upper level is the main ceremonial hall, while the lower level is the columbarium. The Temple of the Three Saints is modeled after traditional Tang dynasty architecture with its distinctive roof tiles and wall design radiating a strong Chinese charm.

Entrance Arch


Temple of 3 saints

Superb Feng Shui

to Usher Prosperity for Posterity

The auspicious mix of red and yellow earth of the 220-acre Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) is distinguishable from the characteristic black soil of other parts of Klang. In the study of Feng Shui, red and yellow earth are deemed rich and precious.

... In Feng Shui context, the mountains take on the forms of dragons, tigers, lions, elephants and tortoises. By studying the landscape of Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) closely, it resembles a lion looking inward with its forefeet on the ground; its head bowed to explore the water, sitting west to east, hence the “drinking form” giving rise to the “golden lion exploring the water” formation. Although the recumbent form softens its fierceness, the lion doesn’t lose its mighty dominance. It recovers its vitality after drinking the water, which is beneficial.

As the saying goes, “mountains govern people, water governs financial wealth”, the surrounding mountains of Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) are gentle with the presence of water at the front which promotes wealth and prosperity. Additionally, the Meridian Spot is supported from the back and protected by the Green Dragon and White Tiger mountains on both sides. Supported by these features, the conditions for auspicious and stable Feng Shui are met.

Overall, the overall land pattern of Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) is characterized by the flourishing direction of Mao (East), You (West), Yin, Chou (Northeast) and Chen (Southeast). It is possible for different individuals to choose an auspicious spot to not only promote longevity but to also benefit generations of descendants.


Fine Craftsmanship alongside Eminent Glory

Every personalized design connotes a different story worth being immortalized. It is likened to a beautiful poem bearing an eternal magnificence. Here, you are greeted with fond memories revolving around the hobbies, personalities and characteristics of your loved ones.


Man and Nature in Perfect Harmony

The memorial park presents itself in a very orderly manner with landscaping inspired by its natural surroundings. Picturesque and tranquil, it soothes the soul and warms the heart. For the departed, it is simply an idyllic final resting place to rest in peace.


An Eternal Resting Place

Inspired by the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, the Christian Memorial Park is a dignified yet graceful eternal resting place for Christians. It is laid out in a very orderly manner consisting of varied burial plots. Customers are given the option to choose their preferred headstone designs.


An Eternal Home Beyond Comparison

The columbarium is based on the concept of “home”, and the architectural style is mainly a modern oriental design that makes one feel comfortable and at ease, just like a home.

The use of water elements to link various areas is ingenious. The white crystal lotus pond is placed in the central hall and columbarium with the flowing water descending gently from the lotus fountain – symbolizing the cycle of life.


Honour your loved ones with enduring thoughts and love

The Gratitude Suite is located at the highest point of the memorial park resembling an emperor’s throne with a highly auspicious Feng Shui combination. It faces west, commanding a beautiful view of the sea.

The natural and serene surroundings combined with the bountiful yet calm environment allows loved ones to rest in eternal peace and at the same time protecting generations of descendants and blessing them with prosperity.

Maintenance Trust Fund
for Continuous Maintenance
and Upkeep

A maintenance trust fund of RM100 million is maintained by Nirvana Asia Group to ensure continuous maintenance and upkeep of their memorial parks. It only requires a one-off maintenance fee upon the purchase of any our plot packages. The interest returns from the maintenance trust fund will be used for the maintenance of roads, landscaping and facilities.

Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) is located at a strategic location only a stone’s throw from Klang town centre and SETIA ALAM. Conveniently connected in terms of transport, it is easy for visitors to come to the memorial park to pay respects to their loved ones.

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