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NV Honour (A) Luxurious Package

NV Honour

NV Honour (A)
(Nirvana Life Plan)
Buddhist / Taoist


1. 24-Hour Careline for Consultation Prior to Demise

Embalmment Handling & Encoffinment Service

2. Reporting Death and Obtaining Burial Clearance / Permit
3. Securing Release of Remains
4. Decedent Care (Embalming / Dry Ice, Make Up)
5. Longevity Costume
6. Burial Casket / Cremation Casket , Urn , Cremation and Retrieval of Ashes
7. Buddhist Blanket

... Preparation Of Memorial Ceremony

8. Use of Canopy or Nirvana parlour
9. Use of Majestic Altar
10. Table Top Floral Décor and Casket Top Floral Tribute
11. Enlargement of Photograph
12. Decorated Photo Frame
13. Location Direction Placards & lanterns
14. Mourning Garments
15. Memorial Record Book
16. Use of Condolence Box

Coordination Of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony

17. Professional Consultation & Support Team
18. 2 Nights Wake Service Worker (6pm-12am)
19. Buddhist / Taoist Prayer Service-3 Monks / Nuns [1 night only]
20. Offerings (Fruits & Vegetarian)
21. Joss Stick and Prayer Materials
22. Professional Handcrafted Paper Model with Decorative Lights
23. Confectionery Gift
24. ***Light Refreshment
25. Drinking Water (Cup)
26. Peanuts (Package)

Funeral Procession Service

27. Sealing of Casket
28. Funeral Day Offering to The Deceased (Fruits & Vegetarian)
29. Son-in-Law Flag
30. Service Team for Funeral Procession
31. Professional Music Band
32. NV Souvenir (Piece)
33. Use of Limousine (1 Unit, Single Trip)
34. use of Hearse (1 Unit, Single Trip)
35. Use of Air-Cond Bus for Funeral Procession (1 Unit)

Additional Products & Services

36. USB Flash Drive with Pieces of Photo
37. Thank You Cards (Unit)
38. Mailing of Thank You Card
39. Use of Majestic Table & Accessories at Home

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Pre need Price: (Only for “Planning in advance”)


Package Price: RM43,700.00

White Ladies

The 1st of its kind in Malaysia, our professional all female service staff, dedicated to rendering their immaculate services with a genuine sincerity for female decedents..

Safeguarding the dignity of your female loved ones

For the purpose of safeguarding the dignity of departed female loved ones, Nirvana Asia Group is proud to present the first ever professional female service team in Malaysia to facilitate and manage all necessary bereavement care arrangements. The team features female embalmers, beauticians, masters-of-ceremony and more to accord your grandmothers, mothers and daughters with the highest possible respect and honour for total peace of mind.

NV Honour

*White Ladies service is available within
“the Restricted Territory” only

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