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Nirvana-Semenyih-NV SEED

From Fengshui perspective, Sheng Ji is the foundation of your destiny. No one is born with a perfect ‘Bazi’ (self-profiling of Fengshui astrology governed by a set of elemental energies unique to each person) and to remedy such imperfection, an adjustment at the later stage of your life is required. A Fengshui inspired Sheng Ji plays a key role in strengthening the footing of your destiny by harnessing the good ‘qi’ from the universe. In other words, a thoughtfully established Sheng Ji helps correct the weaknesses of your Bazi through the workaround of nature.
NV Seed by Nirvana nestles in a naturally endowed environment distinguished by a dragon-turtle topography. It faces east to haul in the auspicious ‘chi’ from the sunrise direction. The expansive vista opening, which is protected by the green-dragon and white-tiger guardians on both sides, provides a perfect enclave for the good chi to blossom, making it an ideal Fengshui oriented Sheng Ji spot. Tap on the positive energies of this marvellous setup through a Sheng Ji installation to enhance your luck profile while seeking endless vigour to your life pursuits.


According to the ancestral secrets kept by Fengshui Master Shilin, there are seven key benefits of installing a Sheng Ji:

1-To promote longevity: A good health, including spiritual health, results in longevity.

2-To trigger energy: A strong body with a healthy mental stamina to motivate positive energies.

3-To change the course of your destiny: A remedy for the imperfect Bazi through Fengshui orientation in the later stage.

4-To spur career promotion: A luck for career and guidance from a godsend

5-To wish for a newborn and wealth: The arrival of a newborn and improvement on career and wealth.

6-To improve human luck: On matters relating to favourable circumstances, including marriage

7-To earn merits through charity: The virtue good deeds makes you a noble person









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