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The loss of a treasured furry friend can be as painful as losing a loved one. It is in celebration of this loving bond between people and their pets that inspired the establishment of Nirvana’s Pet Memorial Garden. Set in a quiet little corner, this unique final resting place offers plenty of ways to celebrate the fond memories of a beloved pet. It is indeed a true testament that pays tribute to a special unbreakable bond between between pets and their owners.

Nirvana also offers the convenience of an exclusive thoughtful and hassle-free funeral service to celebrate the life of your animal companion with total peace of mind. It accords the highest dignity to mark your pet’s final journey and a way to permanently memoralise a transcendental relationship.

Pet Memorial Garden

Funeral Service

The loss of a pet can be as emotionally devastating as losing a family member or a loved one. It could be equated to the loss of a source of unconditional love, a companion that provides security and comfort, or even a substitute child. For this reason, it is important that we can accord our cherished companions with a farewell at the end of their lives that befitting of their stature in our lives.

... Our specialised service staff will provide your beloved pet with dignified ritual care and we encouraged you and your family’s presence and participation so that together you can be part of its final journey. Sorrow and grief are the natural responses in coping with loss, and we are there to assist. Nirvana offers burial and cremation services for pets; both handled with no less respect than we would with a loved one.

Burial Plot

No longer by your side, forever in your heart; and now your cherished companion that has given you so much joy in life can rest in eternal peace in Malaysia’s first official pet memorial garden. An animal companion to most people is more than just a pet; they are our best friend and family. That is why when the time comes to say goodbye, our love for them will want for nothing less to commemorate their undying devotion in a deserving place of rest....

Burial at Nirvana’s tranquil Pet Memorial Garden provides a comforting choice to express a lasting tribute for faithful animal companions that hold a special place in our hearts. Aside from being able to assist in all aspects of the burial and funeral service, we also a variety of monuments from simple headstones to statuaries carved in the likeness of your beloved animal companion to commemorate a special relationship like no other.

Pet Memorial Garden

Pet Memorial Garden


There is absolutely no reason why your beloved animal companion can’t be commemorated in the same dignified manner upon cremation. After completing your farewells, your pet will be transported in our own specialised Pet Memorial Garden hearse to our own designated pet crematorium facilities....

You can be assured that your pet’s earthly remains will be respectfully handled and accorded with loving care and its ashes safely returned upon cremation in an urn. Nirvana’s Pet Memorial Garden has its own columbarium where you can place your pet’s ashes to rest amid a lush and meticulously maintained environment like the rest of our memorial park. You can be assured after a life of devoted loyalty and unconditional love, your beloved animal companion can find rest in a peaceful and beautiful garden of souls.

Pet Memorial Garden

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