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Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang)

An eternal home beyond comparison

Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) is developed around the central theme of “coming home” by creating a place of peace and warmth where one may return to be reunited with loved ones at the end of the allegorical journey that is life. The third to be established in Malaysia’s most prosperous and populated state of Selangor , the memorial park is found near the royal town of Klang, less than 45km northwest from the federal capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Amidst superb landforms and graceful natural surroundings that bring assurance of excellent Feng Shui, Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) brings together a harmonious fusion of modern and traditional that is reflected in the landscape and architectural elements. The main complexes housing the Temple of the Three Saints, multi-purpose hall, visitor centre and columbaria dominate the memorial park’s landscape in traditional Chinese style.

The interiors however, channel contemporary sensibilities without compromising on luxury and elegance that immediately create a warm and welcoming environment.

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