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Ancestral Tablet

Products-Others.Ancestral worship in the form of ancestral tablets is a Chinese tradition that dates back to the ancient times. Ancestral tablets in the past usually take central position at the altar of traditional Chinese homes. It is a sacred item that is synonymous with the virtue of filial piety.

...The passage of time is changing the way we pay homage to our ancestors and families may not time or space to honour their ancestors at home. Nirvana offers the option of installing ancestral tablets at various memorial centers to preserve and promote the virtuous tradition of honouring our ancestors while accommodating modern lifestyles. At the same time, we offer thoughtfully-designed ancestral tablets that are installed in elegant and air-conditioned settings – surrounding sanctified altars dedicated to divinities and enlightened beings.


The principles of Sheng Ji or “Living Tomb” involves the creation of a tomb for a living person in order to harness auspicious energies of an environment with excellent Feng Shui to remedy imperfections contained within the subject’s destiny or Ba Zi.

NV Seed takes advantage of the powerful Feng Shui dynamics found at Nirvana’s various memorial parks which are endorsed by renowed masters for the purpose of installing Sheng Ji. By deploying this Feng Shui remedy, a person’s life can be improved in various ways such as enhanced fortune, career, health, family relations and overall luck.


7 benefits of installing Sheng Ji

The installation of Sheng Ji or “Living Tomb” has many benefits if done with proper care and consultation. The seven key benefits for installing Sheng Ji are:

Promoting longevity

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Triggering positive energies

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Changing destiny

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Spurring career growth

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Promoting fertility and wealth

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Improving human relations and luck

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Encouraging meritorious deeds

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Eternal Blessing Lights

Eternal Blessing Lights

The traditional Buddhist practice of offering lamps symbolises dispelling the darkness of ignorance and attainment of enlightenment by the Buddha. It also carries the aspiration to attain liberation from suffering and the cultivation of merit through good deeds.

...Because of its association with good fortune, this meritorious practice is encouraged and translated through Nirvana’s Eternal Blessing Lights. The traditional oil lamps are updated to exquisite crystal lamps in the form of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and artificial candles emitting soft light for dedication to enlightened beings. The gift of light and prayers whether during difficult times or as a meritorious practice, help bring greater happiness in times of illness and loss while at the same improving family dynamics, career, health and overall fortunes.

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